Clip of the Day: California Cockfighting Ring Bust

Clip of the Day: California Cockfighting Ring Bust

The Humane Society busts a major cockfighting ring, saving hundreds of roosters.

In Visalia, California, the Humane Society uncovered a cockfighting ring that looks straight out of an episode of COPS. Illegal in all 50 states, cockfighting involves a fight to the death between two roosters, while human onlookers place bets and cheer. This particular bust saw the largest collection of gaffs (sharp knives tied to roosters’ legs) ever found on one property.

If it sounds dangerous, it is. Apart from the obvious cruelty to animals, the Humane Society says that cockfighting, “often goes hand in hand with gambling, drug dealing, illegal gun sales, and murder.” It’s a risky activity, and not just for the roosters forced into it.

Rescued roosters observe the Humane Society's rescue in action from their perches.

Luckily, these hundreds of roosters have a chance at a better life, thanks to the work of the Humane Society and local law enforcement. Even more roosters may be rescued too since the well-connected ringleader who was busted left a paper trail.

Why do you think some people get enjoyment from watching animals fight?

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