Clip of the Day: To All Privileged White Males, Stop Whining

Clip of the Day: To All Privileged White Males, Stop Whining

You’ve got it pretty good, as far as this man is concerned.

Bill, a self-described “middle-age, middle-class, American white guy,” has a message for all fellow white men out there, in particular those who don’t care about others’ rights: Buck up and stop complaining.

In a time when issues such as women’s rights and same-sex marriage are prominent and often highly controversial, the average white male might feel a little neglected, he says satirically in this video from ExplodedView MEF.

“You think that we’re spending way too much time and energy protecting women, gay people, minorities and such?” Bill asks. “Have you ever caught yourself saying, ‘What about us? Who’s looking out for the average guy who works hard, pays his taxes and struggles to get by?’ ”

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To all white, heterosexual men: Listen up, Bill wants to talk to you. (Photo: ExplodedView MEF)

“Well, I hear you man, and I’m here to offer you some suggestions,” he deadpans.

Click above to watch the three-minute reality check for all you guys out there—as bad as life might be treating you right now, you’re still sitting pretty, in part thanks to the way our patriarchal society is structured.

“It’s kind of like Donald Trump grousing about the view from his penthouse to some poor dude living in a cardboard box,” Bill points out.

We’re on Bill’s side, but what do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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