Chuck Slaughter on Living Goods: It’s the Avon of African Healthcare

Chuck Slaughter on Living Goods: It’s the Avon of African Healthcare

CEO talks merging hybrid microfinance with a public health organization.

It’s hard for me to go to Africa and look into the eyes of the kids I’m trying to help and not see my own kids.

“We’ve discovered that the way to sell products that save children is to go through the mother,” says Chuck Slaughter, CEO of Living Goods. Modeled after Avon, which brings the product to the consumer’s doorstep, Living Goods recruits, trains, and supports ‘Avon ladies of healthcare’ who go door to door, school to school, and church to church selling the cheapest, simplest, smartest solutions to the biggest killers of children. Living Goods’ healthcare agents not only register every pregnancy in the village in which they live but also support those newborns all the way through childhood. “I started Living Goods, got married when I was 39, and I don’t think it’s an accident that I started this work when I became a father,” says Slaughter.

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