Christoph Warrack: Open Cinema Builds Community for U.K. Homeless

Christoph Warrack: Open Cinema Builds Community for U.K. Homeless

Film-without-borders org brings culture to those living at the margins.

We really find that people kind of find their voice.

“We’re working in environments where people have really powerful stories to tell,” says Christoph Warrack, founder of Open Cinema, a consotrium of British film clubs programmed by and for homeless people. The idea is to draw the disenfranchised out of exclusion so that they can find and create the films that most inspire them. Each week members watch the best in contemporary cinema and work with professional filmmakers to create films of their own. A Who’s Who of British screen royalty has participated in the program, including Stephen Frears, director of The Queen, and renowned playwright Tom Stoppard, who penned the Oscar-winning script for Shakespeare in LoveSaid an anonymous Open Cinema member living on Providence Row: “Coming to the film club keeps me away from drinking and feels like one step closer to being at home. When I come to the film club, the next day feels like my first day in London.” 

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