Carl Pope’s Dream to Bring Light to the World’s 400K ‘Lightless’ Villages

Carl Pope’s Dream to Bring Light to the World’s 400K ‘Lightless’ Villages

The Sierra Club chairman tells us what keeps him motivated.

It’s one thing to have a good idea. It’s another to execute it.

During a drive through the Sequoia National Park, Carl Pope was struck by the expanse of the Sierra Nevada vista that lay before him. “I realized that the Sierra Club has created, with its legacy, everything that I was looking at and that I really was part of something way bigger than me.” As Chairman of the Sierra Club, an organization that works to protect communities, wild places, and the planet, he believes progress means taking action: “It’s one thing to have a good idea,” he says. “it’s another to execute it.”

TakePart travelled to the Skoll World Forum in Oxford, England, to pick the brains of the worlds biggest thinkers. These Innovators in Action are changing the face of the future with bold new ideas and profound enthusiasm. Motivated by personal experience and fueled by the hope that things can get better, these innovators—each of them true social entrepreneurs—are improving our world, one brilliant business idea at a time.

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