Preaching for a Post-Atomic Planet: Tyler Wigg-Stevenson

Preaching for a Post-Atomic Planet: Tyler Wigg-Stevenson

The founder of Two Futures Project prays for a nuke-free world.

It doesn’t have to be hundreds and thousands of nuclear weapons. One would cause devastation that is literally beyond the imagination.

In 1986, at the apex of the Cold War, there were 70,000 (give or take) nuclear weapons in existence. Today that outrageously high number has been reduced to roughly 23,000, of which the United States accounts for 8,600. So, there’s been progress. Still, until the number is zero—until he can no longer envision life in the shadow of a mushroom cloud—Reverend Tyler Wigg-Stevenson won’t be satisfied. “The threat of a massive nuclear exchange has gone down, but I think the threat of use has gone up because we’re not looking at two nuclear powers balancing each other out, but the potential spread of nuclear weapons,” says Wigg-Stevenson, the founding director of Two Futures Project, a nonpartisan Evangelical coalition that takes the anti-nuke message to Christian churches across the United States. Beyond all the paralyzing hopelessness and partisan politics that keep nuclear stockpiles stacked high, the Reverend remains hopeful that someday the world will live without its most dangerous weapon. “I believe so passionately in a world free of nuclear weapons,” says Wigg-Stevenson. “I’m dedicating my life toward that work.”

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