Can Water Bring Peace to the Middle East? Gidon Bromberg Thinks So.

Can Water Bring Peace to the Middle East? Gidon Bromberg Thinks So.

The Director of the Israeli Office of Friends of Earth Middle East discusses the cross-border peace project ‘Good Water Neighbors’.

What keeps me going everyday in my work is seeing the peace is possible. Water helps show that.

Is the environment the skeleton key of Middle East peace, the issue that can unlock the disharmony and distrust? Gidon Bromberg, Director of the Israeli office of Eco-Peace, Friends of the Earth—Middle East (FoEME) sure thinks so. It’s an opinion he’s held for the better part of two decades. In 1994, he was living and working in Israel. While it looked (for a while) that Middle East peace was within reach, Bromberg grew frustrated that the environment was one of the issues not being used to bridge the gap between nations. This omission compelled him to found Eco-Peace in 1999, which was later incorporated into FoEME. “I’ve organized the very first meeting ever of Israeli, Palestinian, Egyptian, and Jordanian environmentalists,” says Bromberg. He developed its cross-border community peace-building project ‘Good Water Neighbors.’ “We work with schoolchildren, with adults, with mayor, and teachers and mayors to promote an understanding that we have to be working together when it comes to water…we’re never going to see peace in the Middle East unless there is adequate water supply for all residents,” says Bromberg.

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