Breast Cancer: Early Detection Can Save Your Life

Breast Cancer: Early Detection Can Save Your Life

Receiving a breast cancer diagnosis is a life-altering event that sparks fear, confusion, and many tough questions. Such unknowns, compounded by a raft of puzzling medical terms, often leave new patients worried and anxious.

“You walk in and there are other patients sitting there with IV’s in their arms or in whatever port they might be using for the treatment,” says breast cancer survivor Kelli Brooks. “And all of a sudden you realize: ‘This is my reality, I am one of those patients.’ ”

Another woman, Rosa Garcia-Viteri—who bravely battled the disease for 27 years before sadly passing away earlier this year—tells TakePart that after a doctor told her she had breast cancer she “felt so alone.”

“I felt that I am the only one feeling this way, right?” says Garcia-Viteri. “Of course this wasn’t true, but in the moment, you are only thinking of yourself.”

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