Amy Poehler Wants You to Support Domestic Workers

Amy Poehler Wants You to Support Domestic Workers

A bill in California would give nannies and cooks the protection of workers’ rights, if passed.

“Parks & Recreation” star Amy Poehler takes on the issue of workers’ rights in a new PSA, supporting a California bill that would extend basic labor rights to domestic workers such as nannies and cooks.

The California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, or A.B. 889, would allow workers overtime pay, sick days and time for breaks and meals. It has already passed the Assembly, and is being debated in the Senate currently.

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Amy Poehler supports domestic workers in this new PSA. (Photo: National Domestic Workers Alliance)

“These workers, who inspire and influence our children, who take care of our loved ones, have been excluded from basic labor protections for generations,” Poehler said in the video.

These workers are often plagued with problems such as abuse, hazardous working conditions and issues with their employers regarding wages. The bill would provide specific protections to domestic workers, such as caregivers, babysitters and more.

The New York Times, which endorsed the bill in an Aug. 9 editorial, made a point about the labor these workers provide, “allow[ing] households to function smoothly, thus contributing to the larger economy.”

Do you support the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights? Let us know in the comments.

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