Teacher Megumi Guillaume on STEM3 Academy's Project-Based Learning Model

The first-of-its-kind school is designed to foster sucess for students with learning differences, like autism spectrum disorder.
Oct 31, 2016·
TakePart Staff

STEM3 Academy science teacher Megumi Guillaume is working with biology students to test for the presence of sugars and enzymes in Jell-o. But the project doesn't end there. Guillaume is planning out how she can incorporate the chemically treated gelatin into a math assignment that will culminate with a collaborative art project.

"In the olden-days it was just subject based only, but the way the brain is, everything is supposed to be fused together and so now that STEM is actually identified as project-based, for me at least, it’s perfect," Guillaume says, "I can take any subject and use any medium and mesh it together to create different kinds of projects."

(Video: Judd Frazier)