Masking Depression ('Secret Lives of Americans': S2, Ep7)

Katie finds the strength to admit to her closest friends that she has been lying to them in order to hide her depression.
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Jun 23, 2016·
TakePart Staff

Katie shares her struggle with depression and seeks help from a therapist.

Religious tolerance, literacy, immigration, and addiction are just a few issues in the U.S. that can push us into secrecy and isolation. But you are not alone.

Secret Lives of Americans is a groundbreaking documentary series that takes an unflinching look at the secrets we all keep, and the strength that it takes to reveal them to our friends and family. For twenty courageous Americans, now is the time to finally come clean. Each person will self-document their journey – with handheld cameras, phones, and laptops - as they reveal their secret to family, friends, and viewers for the very first time. Through each individual’s transformation, one thing will become clearer than ever - it only takes one voice to change the story.
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