Re-Visionaries: Improving Community Through Innovation

Introducing TakePart’s new series about disruptive innovators.

Re-Visionaries: Improving Community Through Innovation 5 VIDEOS

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    TakePart Presents ‘Re-Visionaries’
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    Sylvia Earle: There’s Still Time to Save the Oceans
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    Alice Waters: Why I Take Part
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    Watch Divers Free Sharks and Other Marine Animals From Deadly 'Ghost Nets'
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    Philippe Cousteau: Empower Youth to Protect the Oceans
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Jan 21, 2016·
Tosten Burks is a contributor for Passion of the Weiss. He has written for The Fader, GOOD, Grantland, and VICE.

Spring is a season of change: Landscapes are redefined; the snow fades; the flowers bloom.

In the spirit of the season, TakePart is celebrating individuals who are doing their part to move and mold the world around them. We call these uncanny innovators Re-Visionaries.

From nontraditional models reshaping archaic ideals of beauty, to entrepreneurs reconceiving the way organizations work, to engineers disrupting gendered STEM education with toys, this series focuses on tinkerers, thinkers, and creators inciting positive change in unexpected ways. TakePart is telling the stories of the creative innovators who are subverting the status quo.