When Her Family Fled, One Syrian Refugee Girl Found Solace in Song

Children escaping the war in Syria find a haven in music class in Lebanon.
Dec 15, 2015·
TakePart Staff

When war broke out in Syria in 2011, Fatima and her family were caught in the crossfire: A missile hit their home in Bab Amr, and they were rescued from beneath the rubble. After a period of moving from town to town and sleeping in their car, the family found their way to Lebanon's Beqaa Valley, where they built a tent to live in from salvaged wood and canvas. Now Fatima, 12, attends school and enjoys music class, but she still sometimes wakes up screaming in the night and fears that war will chase her to Lebanon, removing her from the safe zone she has found at school.

This is an excerpt from the documentary Safe Zone, coming in 2016.

Directed and Produced by Jodie Livingston and Marco Bollinger

Editing: Laith Majali

Music: "Isolated" by Kevin MacLeod; "Jupiter the Blue" by Gillycuddy; "January" by Kai Engel

Special thanks: Kelly Day; Beyond Association supported by UNICEF