Climate Change(d)

The future we were warned about is here.

Climate Change(d) 8 VIDEOS

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    Watch 23 Years of Climate Negotiations in 3 Minutes
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    The Climate Generation Takes to the Streets: Enough Is Enough
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    Farmers Take On Big Coal to Save Koalas—and Themselves
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    Progressive Ideas in Small-Town Texas
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    Profits Blowing in the Wind for Texas Ranchers
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    Climate Changed Texas: Bob Josserand
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    'We're a Community That Needs Another Form of Revenue"
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    The Power of Wind Power in Texas
Dec 1, 2015·
TakePart Staff

Global warming has become all too real for hundreds of millions of people, and they’re not waiting for their leaders to take action. Here are stories from all over the world showing how climate change is affecting us all—right now.