See Why Every Celebrity Should Embrace Feminism

Their words about gender equality help young girls speak out about it too.
Oct 18, 2015·
Samantha Cowan is an associate editor for culture.

Kelly Clarkson, Meryl Streep, Carrie Underwood, Sarah Jessica Parker—those are just a few of the celebrities who’ve waffled in recent years about whether they identify as feminists. But as we can see in a new video released this week by SheKnows, women (and men) in the spotlight who speak confidently about gender equality can have a big impact on young girls.

The folks at SheKnows have been teaching a group of girls about feminism for the past year, using celebrities to help them do so, as part of their series “#TheFWord: Feminism Is Not a Dirty Word.”

As seen in the video above, the girls selected their favorite quotes from both male and female celebs, such as Beyoncé and President Barack Obama.

“The people who show up on the covers of magazines in the grocery store checkout line have more chances than we may even realize to influence how our kids think,” reads the video’s description.

When they’re exposed to ad campaigns and TV shows that place a woman’s appearance as the top priority, girls’ self-esteem drops 3.5 times more than boys’ throughout puberty, according to Lean In. That leaves girls less likely to take on leadership positions in school, setting the tone for taking a backseat to their male peers as they get older.

Statements about taking ownership of your body from Amy Schumer and the choice to follow your dreams over a man from Lady Gaga can positively change how girls see themselves as they make their way through childhood and into their teenage years.

With support from influential figures, girls can keep their confidence up, knowing that Amy Poehler and John Legend think they’re worthy of equal opportunities in the classroom and beyond. These girls show that they think so too

“I think everybody should be equal,” one girl says as if it’s the most obvious fact in the world. “Like, all people, not just the men.”