Celebrity Moms Want Food Companies to Get Real About GMO Labeling

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Constance Zimmer all signed a petition pushing for labeling transparency.
Aug 4, 2015·
Jennifer Swann is TakePart’s culture and lifestyle reporter.

“You cannot conceal what’s in our kids’ food,” celebrity personal trainer Jillian Michaels says in a new PSA for Just Label It, a campaign aimed at supporting mandatory labeling for genetically modified foods, better known as GMOs.

The new video, which features commentary from actors and moms including Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Constance Zimmer, is linked to a petition asking food companies to become more transparent about the products they’re selling.

“When I started looking into what’s in the food that I feed my son, I discovered how difficult it is to figure it out,” The Fast and the Furious actor Jordana Brewster says in the video. “I want GMOs labeled so that I don’t need to guess whether or not they’re in our food.”

GMOs are foods that have been manipulated to carry new or modified genes that can increase their resistance to pesticides, herbicides, and diseases while controlling for nutrients and ripeness. The food industry and government officials say GMOs are safe to consume, but food labeling activists like Goodwin question the long-term health effects of herbicides such as glyphosate, a weed killer.
Through a lobbying group called the Grocery Manufacturers Association, brands including Quaker, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, General Mills, and Kellogg have spent millions trying to avoid disclosing whether their products contain GMOs. The Just Label It petition, which has acquired more than 200,000 signatures, comes in response to last month’s House of Representatives vote to pass legislation that bans states and local authorities from mandating that companies label their GMO products.
Sixty-four countries require labeling of genetically modified foods, but the United States does not.