YouTube Star Turns Mean Comments Into Hilarious Song

Note to trolls: Use spell-check.
Jul 30, 2015·
Samantha Cowan is an associate editor for culture.

Nothing takes the sting out of nasty online comments like horrendous spelling errors. YouTube star Colleen Evans, also known as Miranda Sings, finds being called “harible,” “ugley,” and a “freek” a bit more palatable than properly constructed insults.

After reading “you suck” comments one too many times on her channel, which features silly videos of awkward hugs and making people uncomfortable in public places, Evans decided to offer her 2.8 million subscribers a peek into the vitriol hurled her way by putting the insults to a catchy melody.

Against a gentle ukulele strum, Evans sings comments that range from the nonsensical “it looks like fat nolife,” to the grammatically incorrect “omg your dumb as f---,” to the insane “Dear God, bring us back Hitler, because at least he is better than this.”

Much like the celebrities who read “Mean Tweets” on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Evans lets the litany of affronts roll off her back. Along with finding the comedy in errors, Evans’ chorus reveals that anonymous critics attempting to take a whack at her self-esteem are fueling her work. “The joke’s on you,” she sings. “Your comments make me money and you’re paying my bills.”

There’s no denying that vile affronts that focus on looks and weight can be hurtful—just watch these bullied kids get tearful reading mean comments. And it’s not always easy for Evans either. “Reading mean comments…. Feeling worse about myself all because of you,” she sings.

Anti-bullying experts note that this type of public decree has psychological benefits for those who have been harassed. By owning the disparaging comments, Evans proves that she’s still in control. “Instead of letting them affect me in a negative way, I choose to sing about them and poke fun at them right back,” Evans explained. The majority of the comments in response to this video are positive, although several still contain misspellings and grammatical errors.