Could Rising Sea Levels Eliminate Our Favorite Vacation Spots?

Find out why the problem of eroding coastlines is much larger than expected in 'Angry Planet.'
Apr 30, 2015·
TakePart Staff

In this episode of Angry Planet, storm chaser George Kourounis explores Tuvalu, the troubled island off the coast of the South Pacific which is falling victim to rising sea levels. Perhaps more devestating than the vanishing islands phenomena, though, is the shocking revelation that coastline errosion is no longer exclusive to low-lying islands. Even tourist cities such as Miami could fall under water due to the stark effects of global warming and climate change.

About Angry Planet

Angry Planet is the place to be for extreme encounters with our rapidly changing environment. Host George Kourounis comes face-to-face with the stark effects of Earth’s evolving climate as he visits the world’s most dramatic and fearsome natural phenomena. Kouronis meets the people who are living in the world’s threatened locations to bring viewers a new perspective on our tempestuous planet and the perils it faces. The series travels to the volcanoes of the Pacific, the coldest city on Earth, Brazil’s treacherous Amazon River, and the deep caves of Laos in search of the unmistakable changes that are endangering Earth’s delicate ecosystem.

This team doesn’t shy away from danger—it goes looking for it. Kouronis has descended into some of the world’s fiercest volcanoes, stood up to the toughest hurricanes, chased violent and unpredictable tornadoes, and withstood unbearable heat and cold to bring viewers face-to-face with the extremes this Angry Planet has to offer.

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