In These Classrooms, Wearing a Mask and Cape Is Totally Optional

Teachers are working to save the world, one student at a time.
Feb 8, 2015·
TakePart fellow Jessica Dollin studied journalism at the University of Arizona. She has written for the Phoenix New Times and HerCampus.

Superhero abilities such as X-ray vision and telepathy would certainly help teachers get through the day, but even without them, modern educators manage to ensure that their students have the knowledge, skills, and mind-set needed to achieve big dreams.

As this video shows, teachers devote their lives to their classrooms. They may not wear masks or capes in real life, but they take on extraordinary roles: They're poets during English class, mentors who give life advice at lunch, coaches for after-school clubs.

For these superheroes, the job is tough, but the rewards are great. If anyone’s up to the task of equipping the next generation for success, it’s a teacher.

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