See 10 Decades of Beauty Trends in Less Than 90 Seconds

Hold off on buying that pink lip gloss—it’ll probably be out of style sooner than you think.
Dec 4, 2014·
Samantha Cowan is an associate editor for culture.

I was thrilled when loose curls became more fashionable than stick-straight locks in the mid-aughts. I ditched my flat iron for a dollop of hair gel and went on my merry way. But if a video detailing the past century of fashion fads proves anything, it’s that my joy may be short-lived.

Cut Video’s “100 Years of Beauty in 1 Minute” takes a model through 10 transformations, revealing the hair and makeup styles of years past. The clip speeds by quickly, but it takes a team of styling professionals to mold a pretty girl into each decade’s beauty standard.

As the looks range from the bobbed pin curls and cupid lips of the 1920s to the bouffant and crimson smile of the 1950s, the video also explores popular expressions of femininity. A woman in the 1960s might sport a peace sign along with bright blue eye shadow, and a more recent style of glossy lips likely demanded a selfie in 2010.

It’s no secret that hair and makeup styles evolve over the years, and we’re broadly influenced by popular media, conforming to certain trends to fit in. But with the stance on what is considered beautiful changing so drastically every 10 years or so, maybe we can hold off on jumping on each and every fashion bandwagon. As someone who irreparably fried her hair, I recommend not beating your appearance into submission simply for a style that will fade. Also, that picture of you sticking out your tongue and making a horn symbol with your hand could haunt you on the Internet forever.

As for today’s beauty standards? Looks like they don’t mean much, and they’re likely to mean even less tomorrow.