Eileen Fisher to Fellow Entrepreneurs: 'Begin With Passion'

The fashion icon doles out sage advice for women who want to build their own businesses.
Nov 13, 2014·
Michelle is a reporter and producer based in Los Angeles.

When you grow up in a family with six women, the topic of clothing is bound to come up.

Fashion icon Eileen Fisher, known for her simple, wearable styles, was raised with sisters who loved to share and talk about clothes and a mother who sewed her own garments. The exposure to all that style sparked a passion, and in 1984, she started Eileen Fisher Inc. with only $350.

Although today she's one of the biggest names in the business, Fisher has stayed in touch with other fledgling business owners, particularly women. The Eileen Fisher Women-Owned Business Grant Program selects more than 10 women each year, providing funding and networking support to encourage a whole new generation to become entrepreneurs.

As a business owner, Fisher says her greatest joy is the incredible environmental and social impact that business can have on the world. In our exclusive interview, the fashion legend asks women who dream of becoming business owners, “What lights you up?”

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