Here’s What 100 Sharks Having Lunch on the Beach Look Like

The feeding frenzy along the North Carolina shore is ‘a sign of a very healthy ecosystem.’
Oct 15, 2014·
Kristina Bravo is Assistant Editor at TakePart.

Does Sharknado need another sequel? Not when there is jaw-dropping, real-life footage like this (among other reasons).

A surfer captured this video of dozens of sharks feeding on a school of blue fish at Cape Lookout National Seashore off the coast of North Carolina. According to Brian Recker, who uploaded the viral clip on YouTube, the feeding frenzy lasted more than five minutes. Seagulls and pelicans joined the apex predators, and a group of people who were out to fish began gathering catch as well.

On the video’s YouTube page, Recker notes that Donnie Griggs, who captured the scene, is a "waterman who spearfishes, dives, swims, and surfs at Cape Lookout often.”

More than 73 species of sharks live near the Atlantic Coast and the Gulf of Mexico, according to the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Though North Atlantic shark populations declined for decades, some species, including the great white shark, are thriving.

“We want it to be clear that Cape Lookout and the surrounding beaches of eastern North Carolina are extremely safe for swimming,” Recker said. “The presence of these sharks and large schools of fish is actually a sign of a very healthy ecosystem.”