Moby Wants You to Save the Bees

The electronic musician teams up with the Center for Food Safety for a new PSA.
Sep 26, 2014·
Willy Blackmore is TakePart’s Food editor.

When electronic musician Moby decamped from New York City to Los Angeles a few years back, fans discovered that he may be as obsessed with architecture as he is with synthesizers. Turns out he’s a bit of a bee geek too, as you’ll learn in this new PSA from the Center for Food Safety.

Living on four acres in the Santa Monica Mountains, Moby is neighbor to bobcats, coyotes, and a couple of mountain lions—but he says his favorite wildlife are the bees that buzz around the hillside he’s planted with flowering shrubs such as Pride of Madeira. He says that a friend, who studies insects, estimates that about 30,000 bees that make their home on the property.

Those bees, like the area’s many human residents, may find respite in the Hollywood Hills, but on the whole they’re a beleaguered species. Thanks to habitat loss, the monotonous diet provided by the monoculture crop they’re employed to pollinate—endless acres of almond blooms, for example—and pesticide exposure, honeybee populations are under threat.

“If the bees go, we’re next,” Moby said during an appearance on TakePart Live. “A huge percentage of our food supply is dependent on pollination by bees. We need them far more than they need us.”

The video is the first in a series called Hollywood Food Voices, a new effort from the Center for Food Safety that will feature celebrities addressing topics that touch on what we eat and how it’s grown.