Vaccine Exemption Rates Hit Dangerous Highs in Wealthy L.A. Private Schools

Two infants died from whooping cough this year, yet posh parents still opt out of inoculating their children at alarming rates.
Sep 16, 2014·
Samantha Cowan is an associate editor for culture.

The rates of preschool children who come to school without their shots are as high as 88 percent in some pricey private schools in greater Los Angeles.

California reported almost 8,000 cases of whooping cough this year, not to mention the rise in measles outbreaks. Meghan wants parents to listen to doctors who encourage the success of vaccines instead of actors such as Jenny McCarthy.
The hosts debate whether parents should be held accountable if their unvaccinated kid causes other children to get sick. Beware—Meghan might get litigious when it comes to her future children's health.
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