We Are What We Eat

A look at how America's industrialized food system affects the environment, health, economy, and workers' rights through the eyes of our 'Food, Inc.' Award winners.
Aug 29, 2014·
TakePart Staff

After receiving impressive testimonials from people promoting healthier, sustainable choices in their own lives and communities, Participant Media, Pivot TV, and TakePart announced the winners of the 'Food, Inc.' Awards. Here’s a look at what motivates them to change the food system and how you can help.

TakePart is committed to covering the food landscape, from important policy news about factory farming and the food industry to lifestyle content that will help you make better choices when it comes to sustainable and ethical practices. That’s why we’ve collaborated with Pivot TV to celebrate Food for Thought Month.

This September, Pivot TV will feature an entire month of programming exploring what’s really happening in the American food system. Every Wednesday and Sunday, you'll find films that discuss issues such as hunger, sustainability, and industrial farming—from well-known documentaries like Food, Inc. to lesser-known gems like Pressure Cooker. We've also got compelling shows such as Dark Rye, an in-depth look at innovation in farming and food, and our nightly news program, TakePart Live, hosted by Jacob Soboroff and Meghan McCain, where we focus on the issues that matter to those who care about what they eat.

We're also working with TakePart to offer simple, effective ways to take action on these issues right from your screen. Together, we can change the way our food is made. That’s because we believe what you watch makes a difference.

Head over to the “Food for Thought” page to find out when the next program airs and take action.