Can You Really Grow a Farm in a Shipping Container?

Students of the World filmmaker Luciana Almeida explores innovative company Freight Farms, which uses shipping containers to create the perfect environment for farming.
Aug 29, 2014·
TakePart Staff

What if you could grow food in impossible places? That’s the idea behind Freight Farms, a Food for Thought Month documentary from Students of the World filmmaker Luciana Almeida. Freight Farms, cofounded by Brad McNamara, thrives on the idea that food can be grown anywhere, in any environment.

The agricultural company grows its sustainable food in shipping containers, which are already in most urban environments. Outfitted with vertical hydroponic systems, which allow the food to grow without soil, and LED lights that allow the perfect environment for growing, 365 days a year, Freight Farms proves that anyone with a passion for growing can do just about anything with their food.

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