In a Society Where Materialism Reigns, What Is the Real Secret to Happiness?

'Every 3 Seconds' proves that small acts can lead to extraordinary change.
Aug 28, 2014·
TakePart Staff

The unforgettable stories of five regular folks—a boy, a college student, a thirty-something, and two seniors—whose lives went from ordinary to extraordinary based on one simple decision: to engage. Each chose action over apathy, and in the process, each one has had a significant and lasting impact on two of the most challenging, yet solvable, issues of our time: hunger and extreme poverty.

"An empowering, beautiful act of compassion that will move you to do what evolution has designed us to do - take care of our fellow human beings in small acts of grace." - Dacher Keltner, Professor of Psychology, UC Berkeley and Founding Director, The Greater Good Science Center