'The Operatives' Season 1 Trailer

They dedicated their military careers to saving their countries. Now, they’re dedicating their lives to saving the planet.
Aug 13, 2014·
TakePart Staff

The Operatives is a Pivot series that follows the dangerous but necessary missions of famed eco-warrior, Pete Bethune (Whale Wars), and his team of ex-military conservationists as they travel the globe with one goal: to take on and expose the offenders who are harming vulnerable wildlife, natural resources, and ecosystems around the world. Filmed with Sony F5 cameras, armed with an extraordinary array of tactical gear, and driven by the quest for social justice to protect the environment and wildlife, this band of passionate environmental heroes will put their lives at risk to save ours.

Pivot and The Operatives are also working with TakePart to offer simple, effective ways to take action on the issues presented by the series right from your screen. Join the mission and take action.