Beyond ‘Super Size Me’: Spurlock Looks at the Heart Attack Grill

The debut episode of the documentarian’s new ‘7 Deadly Sins’ series is about gluttony.
Aug 8, 2014·
Willy Blackmore is TakePart’s Food editor.

When Morgan Spurlock was on his career-making McDonald’s diet, the documentary filmmaker was consuming around 5,000 calories a day. Saying yes to every offer to super-size his order helped Spurlock effectively double his daily caloric intake from the recommended level.

At the Heart Attack Grill, the deadly Las Vegas restaurant Spurlock profiles in the first episode of his new series, 7 Deadly Sins, which aired on Showtime last night, you can double that excessive intake in just one meal. The restaurant’s Quadruple Bypass burger packs nearly 10,000 calories.

“We’re selling a legal, but lethal, commodity,” says owner Jon Basso in this preview clip. “And we’re selling it and selling it and selling it.”

Infamously, the restaurant’s unofficial spokesperson, John Alleman, 52, died of a heart attack after eating at the Heart Attack Grill last February. Other customers have suffered from cardiac problems after eating there.

In the 7 Deadly Sins episode, Basso says the menu is “purposely designed to be offensive. It’s absolutely as unhealthy as possible.”