This May Be the Hottest Lesbian Kiss Ever—and the Most Meaningful

Drink it in: This smooch has a lot to say.
Jun 20, 2014·
Isabel Weisz is an editorial intern for summer 2014. She is an environmental analysis & policy major at Pitzer College and is originally from Santa Cruz, Calif.

Walk into any college party—or any swanky bar, for that matter—and watch people react to the phrase “the hottest lesbian kiss ever.” My guess is you’ll see eyes widening, grins appearing, and heads turning to find out just where this gawk-worthy moment is taking place. Girl-on-girl action is so hot, say too many guys to count.

Uh, OK, but how about we focus for a hot sec on real-world relationships between two human beings who actually connect, regardless of whether they’re both women, and despite male onlookers?

College Humor’s satirical video The Hottest Lesbian Kiss Ever does a bang-up job of flipping on its head pretty much every “-ation” (objectification, sexualization, fetishization) related to lesbians kissing. Watching the short, you might find yourself chuckling at phrases such as “she’s going to find out that gender roles are a relic of the patriarchy,” but the issues addressed here are serious and pervasive.

Besides providing you with hilarious and ironically true phrases uttered by the guys watching a lesbian relationship unfold, this video is a good reminder that we could all use a heavier dose of “proud-ass matriarchs” in our lives and in the media.