Meet the Boy Genius Who Graduated From High School at Age 10

Tanishq Abraham began taking college courses when he was seven.
Jun 12, 2014·
Suzi Parker is a regular contributor to TakePart. Her work also appears in The Christian Science Monitor and Reuters.

Tanishq Abraham is only 10, but last Sunday he graduated from high school with a 4.0 GPA and a congratulatory letter from President Barack Obama.

Abraham, who lives in Sacramento, Calif., became one of the youngest children in the U.S. ever to graduate from high school. Abraham also began taking community college classes at seven.

“College life should begin when you are ready, not when you turn a certain age,” Abraham, who was homeschooled, told News10 in Sacramento on his graduation day at a private ceremony at the California Auto Museum.

Abraham was an inquisitive baby, his mother, Dr. Taji Abraham, a veterinarian, told several media outlets. At six months, he was already fascinated with clocks and numbers and began counting.

“I had a hunch he was a little gifted, but of course my husband didn't believe that, and we had to wait about two to three years,” his mom told News10. “Once we got a formal IQ test, that's when we figured it out.”

In a 2010 interview with Sacramento television, his father, Bijou Abraham, said, "I think as parents, our dream is that he achieves his full potential. Our challenge is to keep him stimulated, not bored, and to advance. We don't want him to stagnate.”

He didn’t.

At eight, Abraham made several astronomical findings as he scanned hundreds of NASA Kepler images as a volunteer for Zooniverse, an online citizen science project, and helped to find two supernovas, an exoplanet candidate and a solar storm. His writings about astronomy have been featured on a NASA website.

“The way my brain works is that when you give me something, information about that topic comes into my mind. I don't know what it is, but that's how it is for me,” Abraham said in the News10 interview Sunday.

Abraham has another claim to fame: He was the youngest TV medical correspondent for the national syndicated show The Doctors, on CBS.

But Abraham isn’t just a bookworm. Since age three, he has trained in piano and sings with the San Francisco Boys Chorus. He also plays chess and soccer, dances, and swims.

This fall, Abraham will enroll full-time at American River College in Sacramento, where he'll take a five-class course load and finish earning his associate's degree. The prodigy, whose parents call him the “little professor,” wants to study medicine and may attend the University of California, Davis. He would also like to discover a cure for cancer.

“My ultimate goal would be science, like scientist or doctor, but I also want to be president too,” Abraham said.