Laverne Cox Talks ‘Orange Is the New Black’ and LGBTQ Issues

The hosts chat with Laverne about her documentary 'Free Cece.'
Jun 11, 2014·

Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox has been introducing viewers of the hit show to the plight of so many transgender people in America, a segment of LGBT that is rarely in the spotlight.

America is learning a lot about the trans experience through her portrayal of a trans woman who had to go through traumatizing family and financial struggles in her quest for acceptance, of her gender identity.

One thing Cox has been advocating for is to call more tolerance and stopping violence against the transgender community. In an interview with Time magazine last month, Cox revealed her personal struggles, but also highlighted some alarming statistics about violence against trans people.

In 2013, of the 18 anti-LGBT murders across the country, 12 involved trans women.

“We have to look at the intersection of race and gender to stop violence,” Cox told Time.

Luckily, we have her to help us see what's happening in this community.

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