Honeybees Rage Against the Pesticide Machine in This Buzzworthy PSA

Greenpeace’s tiniest bunch of activists launch a protest to stop humans from killing them.
Apr 24, 2014·
Kristina Bravo is Assistant Editor at TakePart.

Honeybees work tirelessly to pollinate one-third of the world’s food supply. But thanks to the pesticides we spray on crops, they’re dying in swarms. What if the busy workers went rogue and protested humans’ gross mismanagement of the environment? That’s what goes down in the latest public service announcement from Greenpeace.

To raise awareness about the massive wave of bee deaths in recent years, Greenpeace released a PSA that shows the insects taking on the toxic and lethal situation. It features Greenbees, the organization’s tiniest (totally fictional) wing, picketing supermarkets, hijacking chemical sprinklers, and vandalizing trucks with friendly messages.

“Honey, you sprayed the kids,” a flag reads. A sign that says “our future is in your hands” is affixed to a scarecrow missing its mitts.

Why the bold, even slightly frightening, tactics? On top of poisonous chemicals, climate change, habitat loss, and shrinking biodiversity have contributed to the dramatic decline of bee populations. Big Ag groups such as Monsanto worsen the problem every year, spraying genetically modified crops with pesticides lethal to bees. Scientists estimate that in the phenomenon known as colony collapse disorder, which began in 2006, almost a third of all honeybee colonies have vanished in the United States alone.

Greenpeace and other concerned groups are helping out by using innovative approaches to raising awareness and accelerating research. Eugene, Ore., even passed pro-bee legislation to create safety zones for the insects. If big-scale agriculture followed suit, we might just be able to make amends and save the trusty pollinators.

Greenbees’ final message sums things up perfectly: “Give bees a chance—because without us, you don’t have one.”