This Shocking 'One Second a Day' Video Will Take Your Breath Away

This is your child. This is your child after war. Any questions?
Mar 10, 2014·
Shaya Tayefe Mohajer is TakePart's News Editor.

The genre of 1 Second Everyday videos has been popular with new parents and people doing cool things to better their world incrementally, like building huge rooftop farms in Brooklyn. By capturing one moment of video each day, an often awe-inspiring pastiche of life is built over a period of time.

But Save the Children has spared us some of the more twee images of kids growing up to share what life is like for too many of the world's kids who are trapped in conflict zones. In an ad created by London's award-winning Don't Panic agency, viewers see what it would be like if an average British kid was subjected to a displaced Syrian child's experience.

If watching this video is tough, try to imagine the experience of this child multiplied 5 million times over—that's how many Syrian child refugees are vulnerable to hunger and violence today.