Ashley English Hosts Us for a Potluck

Food blogger and author Ashley English shares her homemade delicacies on 'Dark Rye,' the TV series from our sister network, Pivot, and Whole Foods Market®, every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. ET/7:00 a.m. PT.
Feb 26, 2014·
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Homesteader. Blogger. DIY host. Author (of seven books!). Ashley English does it all from an isolated 11-acre property in the mountains of western North Carolina that she shares with her husband, Glenn, and son, Huxley Wild.

In addition to feeding her family with mostly locally and homegrown food, English combines her love of entertaining with her passion for jam, jelly, and chutney making and shares her creations with her friends. And in this episode of Dark Rye, she invites us to join in the fun.

We’ll also sit down for a fine meal to chat about design and inspiration with artist James Victore and get the behind-the-counter tour from Portland Meat Collective founder Camas Davis, who isn’t afraid to show us where our meat comes from.

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