On TV: Landmark Documentary Follows Two Black Boys at One of America's Most Prestigious Private Schools

Thirteen years in these kids' lives reveal big questions education must answer.
Feb 3, 2014·
Sarah Fuss is senior special projects editor at TakePart. She previously edited TakePart on MSN Causes and was a senior editor at Yahoo!

When a documentary follows its subjects for 13 years, then goes on to win Sundance, the least you and I can do is watch it. Tonight, American Promise airs on PBS, and you'll be able to watch it online tomorrow through March 6. The filmmakers, Joe Brewster and Michele Stephenson, follow two middle-class African American boys who are accepted to the elite Dalton Academy in New York City. As the boys wander the hallways of state-of-the-art academics, they run up against big questions our nation has yet to answer, one of which is expressed right here in the trailer: "There is a cultural disconnect between independent schools and African American boys, and the question is, Why?"

Take a look at the preview; then make a date with one of your screens to catch the film in full.

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