'HITRECORD ON TV,' Pivot's New Joseph Gordon-Levitt Show, May Just Inspire a Cultural Revolution Through Collaborative Art Making

The first episode tackles a singular subject: the number one.
Aug 18, 2014·
Eve Epstein is the VP of Programming at TakePart

Remember when Renaissance men were everywhere? (You couldn't throw a rock without hitting one in 14th-century Florence.)

Nowadays bona fide polymaths are only slightly more common than unicorns, which is why we're particularly excited about our sister network's new show, "HITRECORD ON TV," brainchild of actor–writer–director–musician–producer–entrepreneur–zeitgeist bellwether Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

What is "HITRECORD ON TV"? It's a TV version of JG-L's open collaborative production company, hitRECord, where everyone is invited to take part in the creation of original works of art. But it's more than that. "HITRECORD ON TV" is unlike anything you've ever seen: a poetic, postmodern, exuberant, wildly creative, heartwarming take on the variety show. Each episode tackles a different theme; the first is a riff on the number one, featuring original videos, songs, and more.

More than that, the show represents a highly innovative vision for the way digitally savvy and artistically inspired people can think about the world around them. Rather than envisioning the artist as an atomized figure toiling in isolation, Gordon-Levitt and his team reimagine the creative process as one in which visions converge, collaborate, collide, and share ownership of the result. Writ large, it's a philosophy that has implications far beyond the artistic realm, suggesting new ways of problem solving and community building.

Also, though, it's just really cool.

Intrigued? Watch the first episode right now. Right here. Without lifting a finger. OK, technically, you will have to lift one finger. But it'll be worth it: You may just be witnessing a true television renaissance.

"HITRECORD ON TV" premieres Jan. 18 at 10 p.m. ET on Pivot. Click here to see if Pivot is available in your area, or request it now.