The Deep Web: Exploring the Internet's Dark Underbelly

There is a layer of the Internet underneath the one you’re on now. It’s known as the deep Web, where users can exchange products and information while staying truly anonymous. It’s a place where corporate whistle-blowers and political resistance movements share space with drug dealers, child pornography rings, and hackers for hire. Let’s check it out.

The deep Web is home to content that’s occasionally noble but more often morally ambiguous, if not outright repulsive. That said, online anonymity provides an important safeguard against governmental and corporate censorship. The program used to access the deep Web, Tor, was developed for Chinese dissidents to access information their government deemed inappropriate. The openness and decentralization of computer networks are what have enabled the World Wide Web to flourish, but those features also make the existence of places like the deep Web inevitable.

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