Clip of the Day: Do Your Kids See a Monster When You Drink?

Finnish PSA asks parents to think about what their children see when Mom and Dad are wasted.

A new PSA from the Finnish group Lasinen Lapsuus (translated: Fragile Childhood) asks parents a potentially disturbing question: How do your kids see you when you are drunk?

“When under the influence of alcohol, adults don’t always come to think of how scary they might look in the eyes of a child,” the Lasien Lapsuus Facebook page says. The group seeks to highlight the harm that parental drinking can have on children, if only through the trauma of fear. 

The video depicts everyday life where parents are perceived as monsters by their offspring. From the viewpoint of a young child, an intoxicated parent might be as scary as any imaginary fictional threat they might encounter.

Even scarier than a demolished Hasselhoff struggling to eat a cheeseburger.

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