Clip of the Day: Yoga Heals Disabled Vet

Video yoga helped one man lose more than 100 pounds and gain the ability to walk again.

As a paratrooper in the Persian Gulf War, Arthur Boorman sustained injuries to his knees and back that he believed to be permanent. Nearly 20 years later, the veteran's health had caught up with him. He weighed almost 300 pounds, couldn’t walk without crutches and leg braces, had sleep apnea, and needed help with simple tasks like getting dressed.

Today, the special education teacher can walk, run, and even do a headstand, all thanks to a former pro wrestler and his video yoga classes. Diamond Dallas Page began his professional wrestling career just as Boorman was ending his military service. Now, both are living a new chapter in their lives through Page’s DDP Yoga system.

Not every workout is right for every person, but Boorman’s persistence is an inspiring reminder to not be afraid to try.

Has a new fitness routine ever changed your life?

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