Innovators in Action

Videos In the Series

Long-time film producer waxes philosophically on locating, and then latching onto purpose and meaning in life.
Peaceworks Inc. founder on how moderation can break down Middle East peace barriers.
Film-without-borders org brings culture to those living at the margins.
Pro-social business organizes free, large-scale movie screenings in rural Mexico.
Kickstart cofounder on how low-cost tools can create wealth, and not just jobs, in the developing world.
President of Internews Network on the power of information to make social progress.
British designer makes recycling fashionable.
VP at Skoll Global Threats Fund says that while the U.S. might be in denial about climate change, the rest of the world isn’t.
Founder of Zerofootprint Foundation, a sort of hybrid company that offers carbon offsets and green consultancy, talks measuring climate change.
Founder of Two Degrees Food on why basic nutrition can unlock educational opportunities.
Executive Director of the Sygenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture on improving the livelihood of smallholder farmers.
The founder of One Acre Fund combats Africa’s growing food crisis, one farm at a time.