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The Participant Index

Measuring the social impact of entertainment on its audience.

The Participant Index (TPI) is a new media-impact research system from Participant Media that examines the “social impact” of entertainment on its audience – and specifically, on the audience’s interaction with a core social issue. For example, what impact did “Food, Inc.” have on its audience’s attitudes about sustainable eating? Did “A Place at the Table” inspire audiences to take action on the issue of hunger in the United States, and what kind of action did they take?

Through social media conversations, viewership information and audience opinion data, TPI provides insights about what an audience learns (knowledge), feels (attitudes) and does (behaviors and actions) in response to viewing four kinds of entertainment: Narrative film, documentary film, TV (narrative and reality/unscripted), and short online video (narrative, documentary, branded entertainment, corporate social responsibility (CSR)) content. The methodology was developed and refined in 2013 in consultation with expert market researchers and university collaborators.

TPI’s insights are designed to be practically useful for all content creators, executives, funders and others who work in the business of creating and distributing storytelling content – and for anyone interested in the social impact of entertainment.

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