May's Grand Prize Winner
Ellen Kamp
Ellen Kamp

Ellen Kamp: Helping Widowed Women Cope

In 2009, Ellen Kamp and Dawn Nargi started The W Connection, a nonprofit dedicated to helping widowed women cope with their bereavement and rebuild their lives. In addition to a strong network of emotional support, The W Connection offers resources to help women regain control of their lives so they can once again be healthy and productive. The W Connection now has an Outreach and Peer Mentor program, a Widow’s Survival Kit, and plans to produce a video based on interviews with actual widows as an education resource about the challenges facing widows.

Our Other Ideas for Good Winners for May

Diane Claughton

Diane Claughton: Fighting Obesity in the South

Diane Claughton knows that children love to eat, but few of them love to cook. She wants to change that with Grow: Cook: Dine, a ten-week after-school cooking program for 4th and 5th graders that follows food from garden to plate. Starting in Mississippi, the nation’s most obese state, Grow: Cook: Dine will teach basic culinary skills to children, encourage the consumption of less processed food, and emphasize the importance of community eating.

Jean Cosby

Jean Cosby: Weekend Food for Students

After retiring, Florida high school teacher Jean Cosby began volunteering at a local food pantry, and recognized the incredible need for assistance for local families, especially children. Many kids from poorer households get school breakfasts and lunches, but have no such help on the weekend. Cosby organized an all-volunteer group to acquire donations from local businesses and grocery stores to meet this need. The Marigold grant, she says, would provide weekend food for 60 children for a full school year.

Jan Coulter

Jan Coulter: Education for Burmese Refugees

Over two million exiled Burmese refugees cannot return to their homeland, and many in the younger generation are living elsewhere in Asia with no access to education. Jan Coulter met just a few of these young people in Mae Sot, Thailand, in 2010. She’d never met students with so much passion for learning, and knew she had to help improve their school. With the Marigold grant, she could help the Minmahaw Post Ten School hire permanent teachers and prepare these eager young Burmese refugees for university.

Kathleen Fletcher

Kathleen Fletcher: Medical Clinic in East Africa

Kathleen Fletcher lives in Kenya, East Africa, with 65 orphan girls. Kathleen’s Maasai neighbors have to travel 10 miles to reach the nearest medical clinic. Kathleen would like to build a small clinic on the grounds to serve the medical needs of the community, which are so paramount for the rural tribes. The clinic will be a gift to the neighbors from miles around the African countryside and offer dental services and prenatal care along with examining rooms and a pharmacy.