July's Grand Prize Winner
David Stillman
David Stillman

David Stillman: Clean Cook Stoves in Haiti

David Stillman, a retired United Nations staff member, helped form the Clean Cook Stove and Fuel Initiative. After the earthquake in Haiti, the Public-Private Alliance Foundation is piloting two environmentally-friendly varieties of small cook stoves and fuel for distribution. In Haiti, wood and charcoal is used for cooking and imposes a critical situation for health, deforestation, and environmental damage. The Marigold grant will help purchase ethanol from local farmers and distillers, pay for construction of a briquette press, and cover costs for project monitoring and evaluation.

Our Other Ideas for Good Winners for July

Susan Burgess-Lent

Susan Burgess-Lent: Women's Center in Kenya

After working in Darfur and Sudan, Susan Burgess-Lent wants to continue her work in providing a safe environment to women in Nairobi, Kenya. In developing a women’s center in Nairobi, she has taught vocational and leadership skills to marginalized and impoverished women as well as reproductive health education. The Nairobi Center is the first initiative of the newly formed non-profit Women’s Centers International and the Marigold grant will allow for further funds dedicated to purchasing materials for adult education.

Susan Gadbois

Susan Gadbois: Community Gathering Center

Susan Gadbois’s organization Nuesta Casa literally means “Our House.” The center provides a convenient and central place where neighbors can meet in a safe, comfortable and supervised environment. In addition to providing a meeting place where people can bond over common interest, Nuestra Casa will also serve to encourage future revitalization projects helping residents foster a healthy and safe community.

Jacki Gethner

Jacki Gethner: HIV/AIDS Peer Education Group

With extensive experience in successful public health projects, Jacki Gethner seeks to start a sexual health, HIV/AIDS prevention and Hepatitis C Peer Education group for women over 50 on the Oregon coast. This workshop will provide half-day trainings for professionals and full-day trainings for community based peer educators. The training will educate women about why they should know more about these diseases, be tested for HIV and Hep C and be clear about the need to practice safe sex.

Susan Hazard

Susan Hazard: Pet Care Assistance

Susan Hazard lives in a small town in Minnesota surrounded by three Native American Reservations where there is a tremendous amount of poverty and a lack of education about how to care for domestic animals. She and her neighbors are forming a funding group to help with spay/neuter costs for pets of people on assistance, education outreach on how to care for pets responsibly, and local pet adoption. A foundation has been established to accept donations, and all funds go directly to cover spay/neuter costs. Susan and her group have already garnered local business support as they try to make a difference in a region in need.