August's Grand Prize Winner
Bruce Pollock
Bruce Pollock

Bruce Pollock: Helping Rochester Schools

Bruce Pollock founded Friends of Educational Excellence (FREE) in 2010 to help teachers and students in the city of Rochester, New York. About half of all Rochester city children live in poverty, and the majority of its students could not pass the 2011 New York State English Language Arts exam. FREE provides volunteers to work with public school teachers to tutor students and support overburdened teachers. The Marigold grant would help support a larger network of volunteers at 10 Rochester schools.

Our Other Ideas for Good Winners for August

Mira Talbott Pope

Mira Talbott Pope: Food and Art Resources

After meeting two young charitable Guatemalan painters, Mira Talbott Pope was so inspired by the idea of giving back through art that she was able to set up her own service - providing families with a basket of food once a month, painting classes, a meal every Saturday morning, and aid with school expenses when needed. Through her organization, Mira wants to improve nutrition, school attendance, right/left brain balance for better learning, and self-esteem by stressing individual thinking, responsibility, cooperation, and originality.

Wendy Swanson

Wendy Swanson: Vocational Training

While Wendy Swanson was in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, she witnessed the shocking reality of women and children being exploited through sex trafficking - and she knew that she had to do something about it. Her organization will specifically aim to provide scholarships for vocational training for these women and girls. It is Wendy’s belief that creating opportunities for these young women to pursue legitimate jobs and careers is the key to breaking the cycle of abuse, degradation, and exploitation.

Sheila Warnock

Sheila Warnock: Caregiving Roadmap

By blending her creative expertise, pioneering spirit, tenacity, and life experiences, Sheila Warnock has actualized her true calling as a caregiver and a teacher through her organization Share The Care. Share The Care is a grassroots model that empowers ordinary people (friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers cutting across racial, geographic, gender, and socioeconomic lines) with a step-by-step roadmap on how they can maintain their own unique caregiving family to help someone who’s on the verge of being overwhelmed. It is the organization’s mission to turn “what can I do to help?” into powerful action that influences all involved.

Judith Warren

Judith Warren: Disaster Preparedness

Northwestern California has experienced many significant disasters in the past, ranging from earthquakes and tsunamis to wildfires and floods. Judith Warren and her organization, The Regional Training Institute, seek to address the significant need for disaster preparedness education for the residents of five counties within this area - Del Norte, Humboldt, Mendocino, Siskiyou, and Trinity. It is their view that disaster preparedness education before a potential disaster occurs is key to mitigating hazards, while also allowing for more efficient recovery afterwards. Through classes taught by subject-matter experts, residents will be thoroughly trained in sensible planning, response, and recovery so that they will be able to effectively deal with disasters in the future.