April's Grand Prize Winner
Deborah Greymoon
Deborah Greymoon

Deborah Greymoon: Safer Birthing Practices

In 2007, Deborah Greymoon volunteered as a midwife at a high-risk maternity hospital in India, where post-partum hemorrhage among women, the leading cause of maternal mortality worldwide, is still a major problem. A midwife for 30 years, she taught local doctors techniques that can save lives during childbirth. Now a certified nurse, she plans to further educate doctors and nurses in India on these simple and accessible techniques to prevent unnecessary loss of life.

Our Other Ideas for Good Winners for April

Kathleen Braico

Kathleen Braico: Summer Service For Teens

Retired pediatrician Kathleen Braico noticed a gap in summer activities for teenagers in her Queensbury, NY, community. Younger children have summer camp, and older teenagers can work, but kids in the 13-15 age range are left with little to no supervision. Braico’s vision is for a summer service program for teenagers in this age range, teaching them life skills and the value of community service. She wants program to be managed and directed by the students involved — they will choose their own community service projects.

Charlene Turner Johnson

Charlene Johnson: Houses For Homeless Veterans

Since the start of the housing crisis, thousands of homes in Detroit’s Highland Park community have been foreclosed on or abandoned. Meanwhile, thousands more homeless families and veterans are in temporary shelters and job seeking programs. Charlene Turner Johnson wants to launch Come Home to Highland Park, a community project to help revitalize these houses to provide homes for local homeless.

Gary Oppenheimer

Gary Oppenheimer: Fresh Food to Food Pantries

CNN Hero and Huffington Post Game Changer Gary Oppenheimer started AmpleHarvest.org, an online network to connect home and community gardeners with food pantries that lack a steady supply of fresh produce. With 50 million Americans in food insecure homes, and 40 million Americans growing fruit, vegetables and herbs in home gardens, Oppenheimer saw a natural synergy and has thus far connected over 5,000 food pantries across all 50 states with supplies of fresh produce. In 2011, through Ample Harvest, over 20 million pounds of produce was donated by gardeners to pantries nationwide.

Stan Weston

Stan Weston: Tree House For Everyone

Stan Weston would like to create a playground accessible to everyone including those in wheelchairs and walkers. The trees will not be used for support, but will come up through the deck and house. With playground equipment on the deck and on the ground, Stan’s “Tree House for Everyone” will be available for birthday parties, family outings, picnics and classroom lessons.