'The Square': Exclusive Live Chat and Blog

Director Jehane Noujaim, producer Karim Amer, and cast members Khalid Abdalla and Ahmed Hassan answer your questions about Oscar-nominated documentary 'The Square.'
Jan 24, 2014· 0 MIN READ
Andrew Freeman is a California native with a degree in history from UCLA. He is particularly interested in politics and policy.
No news outlet has been able to capture the raw emotion and visceral urgency of Egypt’s ongoing struggle as intimately as the Oscar-nominated documentary The Square.
Born in Tahrir Square and produced through a collaboration of activists and artists on the frontlines, The Square is a thrilling character-driven journey of one of the most significant events in recent history. Critics have praised the film for its “heartbreaking clarity," which “thrusts you right into the heart of the daily struggle of a revolution” and challenges you to experience the spark that electrified the world three years ago. On the eve of the revolution’s third anniversary, HuffPost Live, TakePart, BoomGen Studios, WITNESS, and GOOD are partnering with Netflix to host an exclusive live blog event with the filmmakers of The Square.
Participants: Jehane Noujaim (director), Karim Amer (producer), Khalid Abdalla (documentary cast), Ahmed Hassan (documentary cast), Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani (host). Other documentary cast members are joining the live blog from Egypt and will be answering questions directly.