Collaborate and Share With Other Teachers

Inspire Other Teachers and Learn From Your Peers

Find Support or Collaborate and Mentor New Teachers. 5 VIDEOS

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    Teacher Tips: Hands-on Projects Empower Kids
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    Teacher Tips: Google Docs Helps Kids Learn
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    Teaching Teachers
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    360 Math
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    New Teacher Center Mentoring Program

Help Your Fellow Teachers

New Teacher Center Mentoring Program

  • Mentor another teacher. Learn about e-mentoring at The New Teacher Center
  • Create, share, and explore collections of education videos with EduCrate
  • Take a look at how a successful after school program can support student. HOLA
  • Provide intensive training, coaching and support to the next generation of teachers in the Breakthrough's summer Teaching Residency.
  • Share best practices and innovative lesson plans with other teachers at Teaching Channel.
  • Continue to use the Khan Academy personalized learning software as part of your lesson plan. Share your experience with blended learning with another teacher.

Collaborate and Share With Other Teachers

  • Empower and educate your students and colleagues about the influence of writing by hosting a video chat with a Freedom Writer.
  • Find inspiration and ideas for your own practice by observing great teaching at the Cotsen Foundation for the ART of TEACHING website. 
  • Lead beyond the classroom. Apply for TNTP's $25,000 Fishman Prize summer residency for extraordinary teachers in high-poverty public schools. 
  • Check out lesson plans, innovative projects, and share best practices with other teachers at Teaching Channel.
  • Explore resources available at The New Teacher Center.
  • Ensure the voices of classroom teachers are included in the creation of policies that shape classrooms and the teaching profession at Educators 4 Excellence
  • Sign up your classroom on the Khan Academy website and assign one of their practice modules or video lessons. 
  • Explore Gooru Learning for lesson plan collections on K-12 topics.
  • Learn how other teachers are using blended learning in the classroom at BlendMyLearning.com.
  • Check out Graphite.org, a free service from Common Sense Media, to find the best apps, games, and edtech tools for learning.

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