'The World According to Sesame Street'

About the Film

Today's global landscape is dominated by themes of poverty, human rights, AIDS and ethnic genocide - so how does the world's most-watched children's television show bridge cultures and remain socially relevant? The World According to Sesame Street explores the drama and complexities behind producing the international versions of the beloved television program. 

The feature-length documentary follows productions in Bangladesh, Kosovo and South Africa and examines how producers from New York's Sesame Workshop take the iconic American television show and localize it with indigenous songs and puppets while facing cultural, political and production challenges. 

Produced and directed by Linda Goldstein Knowlton (Whale Rider, The Shipping News, and Mumford) and Linda Hawkins Costigan, the documentary shows that social impact and change can come from the most unlikely sources, including a team of Muppets.

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