Return the Service

About the Campaign

Did you know?  A U.S. veteran commits suicide every sixty-five minutes.  It's time we stopped this trend.

Return the Service is a campaign focused on improving the lives of the more than 1.2 million Millennial veterans in the United States.  Our campaign aims to shine a spotlight on the many issues facing young service men and women returning to civilian life, including the critical resources needed to help them deal with issues like mental and physical health and unemployment. Together, and alongside local, state and national policymakers, we can make a positive difference in the lives of those who have served us abroad.

Watch: That Which I Love Destroys Me

As part of the initiative, TakePart is featuring an inspiring documentary That Which I Love Destroys Me, which highlights two heroic veterans overcoming PTSD and dealing with re-integration. The entire month of March you can stream the film for free at, and, in lieu of paying for the movie, we're encouraging viewers to make a donation to the Armed Forces Foundation.  You can also find us on the road, so be sure to check our schedule to see if we are bringing a screening to a city near you. 

5 Simple Things You Can Do To Return The Service:

  1. Sign the petition in support of Veterans Courts, empowered by Justice For Vets
  2. Come visit us on our 10-city tour!
  3. Tweet your support of the campaign @TakePart using the hashtag #ReturnTheService
  4. Check out any of these organizations for more ways to support our vets

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